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Conservation of the site

The conservation of some 60% of Casa Montero is an achievement unparalleled in the Madrid region. The Dirección General de Patrimonio Histórico managed to secure promises from the Ministerio de Fomento and the company constructing the M-50 motorway (Autopista Madrid Sur Concesionaria Española, S.A.) for changes to be made to the latter’s trajectory in the area of the site, thus avoiding its destruction.

The site’s complete conservation was not possible given the advanced state of the roadworks, a number of unfavourable administrative realities, and physical restraints which prevented the motorway lying completely outside the limits of the site. However, the motorway was re-planned to run 60 m towards the west of its original route, thus conserving the area of maximum concentration of the site’s structures. The original route would have destroyed 85% of the site; this was reduced to 40% by the changes made.

A Visitors’ Centre close to the site is planned for the near future. Here, the public will be able to learn of the site’s exceptional historic value as well as the need to preserve our archaeological heritage.

The final route of the M-50 motorway at Casa Montero allowed 59% of the documented structures (represented in blue) to be preserved, compared to the 30% that would have survived had the original route been followed.
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