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Little pottery has been recovered compared to the huge quantity of lithic industry remains.  Nonetheless, the site has still provided one of the largest pottery collections for the Early Neolithic in Spain’s Southern Meseta. The pottery found is typical of this period, both in its shape, finishing and decoration.

From a technical point of view, well prepared pottery fabric was used and the produced pieces were carefully finished. For example, red slips or ‘almagras’ cover the external surface of some 60% of the fragments found.

The shapes vary from deep vases (pitcher-bottles, earthenware pots and large containers), one of which had a capacity of 70 L, and open recipients (bowls). Handles for holding these objects area well represented, especially the typical ribbon handles.

Decoration mainly consists of smooth lines (mostly on deep vases) and associations of incised/fluted, impressed and applique cordon ornamentation on the more open recipients.

Pottery fragments found during extraction work
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